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Winners Buzz

Winning #SBS was a real thrill, I had never seen so many tweets in all my life! Since our win we have trebled our twitter followers and the... Read more on Leisure Pods Ltd's profile.


28/01/2015 17:49:57

Since my SBS win my twitter news feed has gone absolutely crazy, we've seen an increase in followers and clicks to our website, lots of kind... Read more on Deca Design Flooring's profile.


28/01/2015 14:46:43

We are delighted to have WON #SBS! To be recognised by Theo Paphitis is fantastic! We would like to offer 20% off Search Engine Optimisat... Read more on BrightPig's profile.


26/01/2015 19:32:13

While it is a bit too early to assess the commercial benefits of this #SBS award I have certainly experienced personal benefit. As well as i... Read more on Bodyenrich Ltd's profile.


26/01/2015 14:31:10

Tell us how #SBS has affected your business increased our Twitter following. increased interest in our products. increased sales. highlight... Read more on Harry's Cider Company's profile.


25/01/2015 19:16:36

Tell us how #SBS has affected your business Early days but the Twitter activity has been astonishing!... Read more on The Ladder Barn's profile.


24/01/2015 12:14:06

Website sales are up and we have had press coverage in several national publications.... Read more on Home Front Vintage's profile.


24/01/2015 09:23:05

New twitter followers & website hits. Lots of nice tweets from members of the #SBS community.... Read more on Brum Yum Yum's profile.


23/01/2015 23:19:16

Tell us how #SBS has affected your business, nothing so far its early days, we were only picked as a winner 2 days ago so i will up date thi... Read more on Wilsons Blinds - Wilsons Online Retail Ltd's profile.


23/01/2015 22:03:17

I have literally just won and already my followers have increased significantly and the level of interactions has gone crazy! ... Read more on Sheelagh Powell Makeup's profile.


23/01/2015 19:14:22