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Winners Buzz

Winning SBS gave me the confidence boost I needed to really niche down with my business and focus all my energy into my obsession, stationer... Read more on Alexia Claire's profile.


12/09/2014 19:50:34

We have seen a significant increase in travel both to our website, twitter and blog as a result of winning.... Read more on Consensio Holidays Limited's profile.


11/09/2014 07:38:07

After being chosen, our twitter has gone crazy, also a substantial amount of new interest in our products! Truly amazing. ... Read more on Rosebud Ceramics' profile.


10/09/2014 18:57:01

We have gained much exposure through SBS, which no doubt will help our business grow. SBS has help to increase traffic to our website and ou... Read more on Water Baby Ltd's profile.


10/09/2014 16:54:30

Winning #SBS had an immediate effect on the exposure of our business on social media and we had press interest within the first few days!... Read more on Durham Hens Limited's profile.


10/09/2014 16:23:26

I won #SBS on the 25th August and so far its been amazing! We have been working so hard at Corporate Baby, winning this award just makes it ... Read more on Corporate Baby's profile.


09/09/2014 22:45:20

So far, our twitter followers have increased significantly and we have seen a surge in orders which as new online shopkeeper we really appre... Read more on's profile.


08/09/2014 13:26:36

After the initial shock, it was not long before I realised the true impact being re-tweeted by Theo and becoming part of #SBS. Our twitter a... Read more on Sofpave Limited's profile.


05/09/2014 18:39:48

From the second that Theo Pathitis hit the RT button my twitter notifications feed went Crazy, So many wonderful people congratulating me... Read more on Little White Daisy Ltd's profile.


04/09/2014 20:01:13

I have been trying to win an #SBS retweet for ages now, so was really excited when I got one, but was on holiday in Crete with limited inter... Read more on Nikis Organic Balms Ltd's profile.


04/09/2014 11:00:06