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    Chris Wheeler


    10th July 2011


    Norwich, Norfolk


    Computers & Internet, Web Design, Web Hosting, Search Engine Optimisation, Design, Marketing and Advertising




We're thrilled to have designed and developed this wonderful new website, as well as hosting it, Our graphic designers producing not only stunning new imagery for the website, but the new official #SBS Winners badges.


I had a successful marketing career in the field of bar coding and data collection. I worked in the industry for a few years, becoming commercial director for a large packaging corporation. I was young and thought I knew best; and that working for someone else was not for me, so I left and started my own company above a TV repair shop, in Milton Keynes. The business became successful in a short space of time and relocated to Manchester. After another few years I sold my stake in that and became a consultant for companies such as BMW, Eaton Electric and British Sugar. All through this time I was involved in designing and developing my own marketing strategies - online and off. I came to Norfolk in 2005, had a bad experience with a business partner and setup Metalfrog Studios in 2007. In 2009 the company went limited and we are celebrating 9 years solid trading on September 28th 2016.


Don't let others tell you cannot do something. Never take no for an answer. Remember you are no better or worse than anyone you meet or deal with. You don't have to be nasty to get on. Offer advice free of charge where you can. It will likely pay dividends in the long run.


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