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Being chosen as a #SBS winner on 07/07/14, it's still early days but I've had so many great messages from people and businesses all over the UK. It certainly creates a buzz for your business.


Hello, I'm Paul Edgar, a Personal Trainer based in the North East of England. I was born in Gateshead and enjoy living life in the region. It's a great place to live and work. In over 19 years, I have worked with thousands of women and I know what works for them. Many business women, who I've worked with, have increased their profitability over a short period of time, as having a fit and healthy body creates a fit and healthy business mind. I'm the author of Fit For Women, the 7-step complete fitness and nutrition life plan for busy mums and business women and also the creator of 12-minute workouts. Fitness is my passion and I embrace new exercise workouts and challenges. These are the sort of results you could get by working with me: • Lose weight or body fat and keep it off for life without dieting or counting calories • Look slimmer and lose inches from your hips and waist • Improve your body shape • Feel fitter and healthier than ever before • Have more energy • Gain massive self-confidence • Get great results by exercising for only 12 minutes 3 times a week, ideal for busy people. They are designed to get great results in super fast time. I offer personal training, group programme training and online workouts through video.


In a nutshell, my motto is 'Making women fitter, stronger and happier.'

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