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Tell us how #SBS has affected your business It has been exciting to have recognition - and for a small business trading in these difficult times, that's a big energy boost. We have had hits on our website and more interest in our business already.


After 20 years as a headhunter, recruiting senior level management, I moved out of London, left my job and had a couple of years sabbatical to be with my young son. I started my own business in Ramsgate and more recently in the beautiful seaside town of Broadstairs - Helter Skelter Children's Play Centre. We run a range of children's activities and great parties, and have become an important part of the local community, where many people meet new friends. We were recently voted Britain's Friendliest Business, partly due to our passion for customer service and for our work in the community. Started Broadstairs Town Team. Chair of Broadstairs and St Peters Chamber of Commerce. Band Leader, Broadstairs, Enterprise Rockers. Conceived and run Big Broadstairs Weekend, a themed weekend event comprising film on the beach and Guinness World Record, which saw Broadstairs winning a Guinness World Record in 2011. And several other events to promote the beautiful seaside town of Broadstairs. Set up Brush up Broadstairs, Halloween Trick of Treat Trail, Halloween Kids Party.


Get a good accountant! Someone who is really business savvy! We've learned the hard way. Don't leave anything to chance - research your market well, and don't be afraid to change your offering. I've seen shops come and go locally and I am sad to see people losing their life savings.

We're in charge of Elf and Safety tomorrow at Santa's Grotto in Pierremont Park tomorrow. Take some Elfie Selfies... https://t.co/96ZAhMmy61
So that's it - no more spaces available for Wednesday mornings. If you are interested in finding out more about... https://t.co/fpaZfDWiK9
We've been practising some Christmas songs - loving the videos parents have sent us!
Good sharing done today by the Knights of the Round Table. Good knights and wizards of old!


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