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Winning SBS has given our social media presence a massive boost and has led to increased enquiries. We are also using the win to gain local press and PR coverage which again is great exposure.


Having worked in the Ceramics Industry for eight years I went on to complete a in Degree in Design and Ceramics as well as a PGCE. I worked as an Education Manger in the Custodial sector until 2011 when I set up Dimbleby Ceramics with my wife. Dimbleby Ceramics was born out of a passion to create high quality ceramics. Our ethos is that all our products are made in the UK and we also work closely with suppliers in our area. This is to ensure as much as possible is sourced locally adding extra provenance to our products. We have now built a reputation for quality and supply stores such as Harrods with our beautiful ceramics. As well as producing our own designs, Dimbleby Ceramics produces for other designers and we have also taken many commissions for high quality corporate gifts. We continue to build our brand and aim to incorporate education and workshops into the business in the near future.


Keep building and promoting your brand at every opportunity. Continually network, you never know who you will meet or what contacts they have. When things don't go right persevere, if business was easy everyone would be self employed. Believe in your product 100%, if you don't how can you sell it to others. Don't be afraid to change direction if it is really required. Drop product lines that are not working or are not popular and track what sells. Aim high and grow at a pace that you can meet, ensure you deliver to the customer every time. When something goes wrong deal with the issue straight away, customers like to know that you will respond quickly if something goes wrong.

Another kiln full of glazed hearts. This is how each one is glazed. The backs are sponged clean, loaded into the... https://t.co/gAta0WUkOM
@BBC_ARoadshow the thought of pouring out the mould on the huge slip cast jug. Brilliant that it has survived so well preserved.
Another full day of making hearts, hand rolled, sponge finished, biscuit fired, glaze fired, artwork applied,... https://t.co/YOqpcACBMt
Orders cooling in the kiln, ready to be tied with English ribbon and a lovely sparkly charm style bead. https://t.co/j0sQ7mi0Fi


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