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Serendipity Girls Designer Dresses

Serendipity Girls Designer Dresses



I proudly won #SBS on 5/6/2011 and Theo’s endorsement has boosted my drive and determination to make my business a success. 5 years into my exciting adventure I am loving the dressmaking, appreciation from my customers and the support and advice the #SBS community gives me.


I started Serendipity Girls Designer Dresses in October 2010 when I realised I could turn my dress making skills and design ideas into a small boutique style business online. My husband created the website which went live on 2nd December 2010. My limited edition handmade dresses for girls aged 2 to 8 are unique, well made and have worldwide appeal. I have been dressmaking since I was 13, taught by my mother, and have made clothes for family and friends ever since. Now my two sons have grown up and left home I want to use my creativity to produce garments that others will love and enjoy wearing. I enjoy sourcing unusual fabrics and designing something from scratch gives me a buzz. As Franklin D Roosevelt once said "happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort". I have an online shop on Facebook at SerendipityGDDs. I am also selling exclusively online at Etsy, Folksy, Shoply and am also on Pinterest, Fashiolista and Blogger.


Have a passion and love for what you do. I often say “i ♥ @serendipitygdds, it’s my passion” Be friendly and helpful to your customers and take note of feedback Harness the power of social media Look at Google statistics via analytics for your website to chart progress and monitor traffic Communicate, communicate, communicate Sell,sell,sell

I have 44 new followers from #USA, #UK., #Brazil, and more last week. See https://t.co/wQzKNxmFoa https://t.co/JUfBHOxmFJ
Kid's Autumn/Winter colour trends: hot pink, purple, rich garnet, burgundy, terracotta & peach.
Autumn fashion trend: velvet + devore velvet, 70's folk patterns, Renaissance florals/ pink rose prints, patchwork & paisley lace panelling
I have 25 new followers from Netherlands, and more last week. See https://t.co/wQzKNxmFoa https://t.co/Ik5hlf6qvg


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Definately liking the new website, well done #SBSwinners

5 years down the track and I'm still finding being part of this wonderful community a help to my small business. I am still a one-woman band and...