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The Blind Date Book Company

The Blind Date Book Company



Take a leap of faith - choose your next great read by just using the four words that describe each book. Are you tired of reading the same old thing over and over again? Why not start a new adventure, fall in love with new characters or discover a whole new favourite genre? Our Blind Date books are beautifully wrapped in brown paper with just a 4-word description of what the book is about - each book includes a teabag or coffee bag (a hot date!) for that perfect relaxing moment.


My name is Katy Lowe and i am 34 years old. I have two boys aged 5 and 1. I work full time shifts answering 999 calls for the Fire Service. Why Blind Date Books?? A colleague of mine visited her sister in Australia and came home with a Blind Date Book that she had bought from a book shop in Fremantle. When she showed it to me I completely fell in love with the concept! I spent some time researching to see if anyone else was selling Blind Date Books in the UK as a business and discovered that apart from some bookshops and libraries doing promotions (especially around valentine's day) there was no-one. This spurred me on to start and i soon had my business name and ideas started flowing. I thought about what i would like to buy and decided to add a Teapigs teabag or a Lyons coffee bag with each book for that perfect moment. Each book also comes with a love letter explaining the concept (which works well when you buy them as gifts). After playing around with some theme ideas for wrapping i soon stuck with the brown paper and red and neutral look - which i feel has a great vintage feel. I also invested in a Dymo Label Embosser to print the 4 words on the front of each of the books which really adds to the overall image. (i have become pretty speedy!) I started my business by buying all the books that i have read and loved. Once they were all wrapped i attended a Handmade and Vintage fair in my local town of Shrewsbury. The response i had from members of the public was fantastic! So much positivity about the concept and idea. Afterwards i decided to set up an Etsy Shop and listed all my books there - this is still the selling platform that i use. I have attended just 4 events with my books so far and all have been a big success. I have plenty of plans for the future and also dreams and aspirations - but for now i am chuffed to bits to be on this site with all the lovely SBS businesses! Thanks for reading x


Get on social media and try to learn how it can help your business - not anyone else but yours! Don't compare yourself to others Be positive Write Lists!!! If your rubbish with numbers - get an accountant - there not as expensive as you might think - and worth every penny!!


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