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Tell us how #SBS has affected your business. It has given my work relevance, qudos and my website traffic. It also boosted my confidence in what I did.


So it all started in 2004, when the fashion was to have sleek, straight, neat, long hair. The exact opposite to what I have! On a daily basis I was getting fed up with the mass of uncontrollable curls before me and so I began making "things" to pretty my hair. I say "things", because in the start I was just experimenting with anything and everything around me. Having realised that I was not only loving making these items, but also I was starting to get stopped to be asked where I had got them from; and so I went back to school......well evening school! Something I didn't think I would ever end up doing again. I have undertaken about 3 years worth of training in wire work and millinery. And now on a daily basis if I've not got pliers in my hand, it's because I'm sat at my sewing machine. I pride myself on all items being designed and hand made fully by myself. Not only do I believe that this ensures the consistent quality of the items, but also because I love doing it. What started out as a retaliation against high street fashion, has turned into my daily passion. Thanks for reading, Katie


Have self belief, passion and dedication. The rest will fall into place.

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Just a few of the pieces currently on sale in my studio! Once gone they won't be repeated.... #Essex #milliner #sale https://t.co/J1JefmrQr5


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