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Cavaliero Finn

Cavaliero Finn



    Debra Finn


    29th September 2012


    Ilminster, Somerset





My twitter feed has gone crazy and I'm excited to see where it'll lead for Cavaliero Finn. We are delighted for the exposure that Theo has given us and chuffed to bits to be one of the club.


Cavaliero Finn was founded by myself and my business partner Juliana Cavaliero. We met at Warwick University studying art and after several years of working after university - Jules in the art world and me in marketing we decided to follow our hearts and use our passion for contemporary art and design to make a living. Selling affordable work from both emerging and internationally recognised artists and designers, Cavaliero Finn offers an eclectic mix of contemporary art and design from some of the best British based artists and designers. In our portfolio of work you'll find contemporary paintings and sculpture complemented with a range of handcrafted ceramics, textiles and cutting edge design. Over the years we've built up a great reputation amongst clients for our ability to recognise emerging artists and designers. We constantly source new artists and designers and have an ever-growing selection of fresh and interesting work available for purchase. Our online shop showcases this constantly evolving contemporary collection throughout the year and we stage regular exhibitions in our home-cum-gallery in South East London and at art fairs around the country. We also offer an intimate consultative service to our clients. We work with businesses big and small to furnish their offices with art and design and will happily assist both architects and interior designers in fulfilling their clients’ briefs.


1 - If you are passionate about what you do and support those who help you do it, you won't go far wrong. I've found twitter to be a very inspiring and caring community, it's not all about self promotion, there's always someone to help you if you need it and it seems like everyone wants you to succeed. 2 - Love what you do and put the hours in... but not at the expense of your friends and family. Our first Cavaliero Finn event was attended mostly by family and friends 8 years ago a small almost social gathering. These guests were and continue to be amongst our most loyal supporters of the business and have allowed us to achieve the success we have achieved today. I wouldn't want to mess with that and advise you to do the same.

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Love the bones of .....this Anatomically Correct Armchair by Sam Edkins https://t.co/R6SCzmzwBk https://t.co/3tWFQ2IJEo
@sophierobinsons great article Sophie with arguments that can also be said to be true of the art world.
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