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Tell us how #SBS has affected your business We've been overwhelmed by all the tweets and messages of congratulations we've had - lovely to be part of such a supportive group.


Ruby Star Associates is the UK’s only Ooomph Agency. We help businesses, social enterprises and charities of all shapes and sizes sell better, generate more income, and innovate. We are all about enterprise, entrepreneurship and making a massive difference. (If that’s all you need to know, cut to the chase- give us a call already! 0844 358 5777 we’d love to talk to you!) Our experience has shown us that much of what we think, feel and are taught about income generation is massively outdated, & if it’s based on research at all, it’s often very outdated behavioural psychology from the 50s, 60s or 70s. Society changes quickly, and your customers are smarter than that. You need to be smart too. We don’t train people in manipulation, sleight of hand or pushiness; we don’t like it, but more importantly it doesn’t work & it won’t build long-term, profitable relationships with your customers, funders or partners. We offer training, advice, support, and even some “doing”. You can find out more about Our Services here. We also help organisations to change their relationship with the external world though innovation and through a better articulation of the social value they deliver. We use a wide range of techniques including the LEGO (R) Serious Play (TM) materials and methodology. We’ll even help you to make new markets.


Don't believe the hype - check out what the research actually says about what will help your business - it's surprisingly easy to find. Keep your own data, do your own research, and when choosing advisors for your organisaion ask them about the evidence that their guidance is based on.

Team Ruby Star are all tucked up in our filing cabinet till Monday @BizGrowthHub
Fed up of consultants who just want their pound of flesh? https://t.co/xxjtSMJN29 #lego Not us: https://t.co/whFoO4uljQ #PIC
Pop over to #LinkedIn and join our Company Page... https://t.co/679P8JRqfD https://t.co/bBUF1SxH6z
Pop over to #LinkedIn and join our Company Page... https://t.co/679P8JRqfD


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