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E-den Camping

E-den Camping



    Jill Barker


    17th November 2012


    glastonbury, Somerset





After winning #sbs we saw visits to our website go through the roof and we received dozens of enquiries about our E-dens. Loving the buzz of it all.


Jill Barker used to be in banking but stumbled into becoming an entrepreneur after the birth of her son in 1999. Her first company was Green Baby, one of the first baby companies selling organic baby products. After 10 years in the world of retail she decided to sell up and move out to the countryside with her family. Somerset ended up being the chosen destination and she purchased Middlewick, an established holiday cottage business at the foot of the Glastonbury Tor. The 17th Century Farmstead needed some restoration so she recruited in the local carpenter, John Tucker to work with her. John, born and raised in magical Glastonbury, turned out to be a clever man who had invented an incredible small space called an E-den. Based on the Fibonacci number sequence it was a room designed to make perfect use of space and light. The moveable E-den spare room was just what Jill needed to cater to her growing business. With a demand for group accommodation, from weddings to conferences to family gatherings, E-dens allowed her to have extra space for more guests. The E-den, a combination of canvas, wood and steel -a tent crossed with a cabin crossed with an airstream caravan crossed with a shepherd’s hut. It is where camping meets glamour – the ultimate ‘glamping’ experience. E-den camping was launched in October 2012 at the NEC Motorhome and Caravan Show to rave reviews. John Tucker now runs the production in his workshop in Glastonbury and Jill Barker works on the marketing and sales plus all the fun twitter, facebook and her newest obsession pinterest. Oh and of course Jill still runs Middlewick and John still helps with the renovations. Three good friends have joined the e-den team and are having fun selling E-dens to campsites, festival organisers, country house hotels, B&Bs, golf clubs, and even safari parks. Then there is the garden office market that wasn't in the plans but would be silly to miss out on. People can’t help falling in love with an E-den – maybe it is the Glastonbury magic we put into them.


It realy isn't magic that makes things happen it is you. Being afraid of failure stops you from doing great things but learning from failure lets you achieve greater things. Never be afraid to ask questions or to assume there are correct answers.

For more of what we do ...follow our main workshop site @technochippy genius in wood most days !
RT @technochippy: @its_co_uk Naah ... It's good, but not this cool ! Glastonbury the home of big letters. http://t.co/7OG8JJxN7J
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RT @burnham_on_sea: Photos: 80-metre wide 'crop circle' appears on Brean beach http://t.co/jSvk3unhUk http://t.co/fCUB3StbXz


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