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SBS has helped me to showcase my business to thousands of people across the UK. It has helped me to spread the word of hen welfare and the opportunity for every family to keep chickens in their back garden. It has also connected me to some interesting and influential people both on and offline


I opened Warwickshire Chicken Coop in March 2012. We are one of the few companies in the UK who sells hybrid and pure breed hens to families and individuals to keep as pets, for self sufficiency and fresh eggs. Chickens are such a pleasure to keep; not only do they lay the tastiest eggs, they make the perfect low maintenance pet and are especially good for children to learn about the food chain. At Warwickshire Chicken Coop we sell \\\\\\\'everything you need to be friends with your hens\\\\\\\' including; feed, bedding, houses, health and husbandry products. We also run the popular \\\\\\\'hen boarding\\\\\\\' service, where we offer B&B (or P&P, perch and pellets) to hens while their owners are away. We run courses too! We are the \\\\\\\'home of happy, healthy, hens\\\\\\\' and the hen\\\\\\\'s welfare and health is a priority for us. Before running my own company, I worked in a marketing role for ten years in local government. The change from high heels to wellies is the best ever and I get to put all those years of business and marketing knowledge to the benefit of my own company!


Try and make friends and contacts in the industry, get yourself known via social media, events and word of mouth to as many people in your industry and location as possible. Online is the best place to be seen so keep your website up to date, use social media including twitter, facebook and blogging every day to get yourself seen. Add value to customers by offering them something unique. Don\\\\\\\'t be afraid to stick to your principles!

My hybrid order arrived late last night and they've all settled in well. There's now over 100 Goldrangers,... https://t.co/WJN74fkon9
We've had a bumper few days with hybrid sales so I've hardly any left! We're expecting a delivery on Tuesday so... https://t.co/lqvS2Bo4KI
I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/E9VAOtL1fj
Yum yum! A delicious sunflower head being devoured by the hybrids! Lots of lovely pure breeds and hybrids still... https://t.co/lyuaB788Ms


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