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Dartmoor Chilli Farm

Dartmoor Chilli Farm



We were very surprised to win. As a direct result we had about 300 new Twitter followers and a best ever day for sales on the website. We also had lots of new enquiries from potential new stockists which was a real bonus. Looking forward to speaking to other winners and exchanging tips :)


We are the only chilli farm based inside the Dartmoor National Park. We grow about 130 varieties of chilli from humble Jalapenos right through the to the dreaded Trinidad Scorpion and Dorset Naga. From our chillies, we make a range of hot sauces, chutneys and chilli chocolate. We only use our own chillies in all of our products. We sell our products mail order and through markets and chilli shows from Cornwall to Newcastle! We also have a number of stockists spread mostly around Devon who sell our products. We are a very green business. We run on solar panels and a wind turbine. We compost and recycle as much as we can. In 2010 we won the Best Green Business at the South Devon Excellence Awards and this year were runners up in the Devon Business Awards under the category of Environmental Business. In 2014 we are opening a specialist chilli shop in Exeter called "The Pepper Pod"


Stick to your ethos. We are a green business. This is what differentiates us from our competitors. Change your website regularly. We try and update ours every day if we can. We have a rolling projects page with recipes, tips and ideas and this is our most popular page on the site. Noone likes a site that doesn't adapt. Twitter and Facebook are both brilliant. Both free marketing tools for your business. We get people who visit us at shows because they have seen our twitter feed. Customer service is everything!

Last stage of our chilli club goodies going out to all members today... two packs of fresh & dried chillies from our farm. Enjoy :)
From a request from our pals at DNPA, here's a cracking job listing... right in the heart of #Dartmoor https://t.co/TwP6ouqT7W
RT @Swissss: @DartmoorChilli @TC_Cornesto hello. bought these seeds from you in a starter kit. @hippy_jon recommended. v pleased. https://t…
We are in Exmouth on Saturday (15th) for the new Exmouth Community Market... https://t.co/Mh5BncqHBf We will be giving away free chillies!


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