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Little Red Door Ltd.

Little Red Door Ltd.



    Paul Morris


    23rd November 2013


    Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Tyne and Wear





It's still early days after becoming an #SBS winner, but we've already seen a huge influx in social media communications. Traffic to our website has also increased by 200% in the 24-hours that followed the announcement.


Little Red Door Ltd. are a specialist mobile app development company based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. We specialise in the design and development of functional, feature-rich and data-driven applications for the iOS and Android platforms. We have vast experience with working closely with businesses all over the world to develop innovative mobile solutions that can automate work-based processes. We also work hand-in-hand with those who have an idea for the App or Play Stores and need a specialist development company to take that idea forward. In our three years since incorporation we have grown from being a single developer working from a home office to having a team of in-house developers and designers working with some amazing clients around the world on some exciting products. From our offices in Newcastle-upon-Tyne we work daily on growing our business as well as keeping our repeat clients happy. People have often asked us "What makes Little Red Door different from other app companies"? We mulled this over for a while and although we believe we are amongst the best at what we do, the best and simplest answer we could come up with is "Because we care". We genuinely sweat every individual detail on every project. We build apps that we would be proud to put our name on.


Our professional ethos, and one that has always served us well, is to be entirely transparent with clients. Bumps in the road inevitably occur when dealing with software development. Problems arise. Deadlines change. Be honest and transparent at all times. It's also vitally important to know your industry, know your products and services and be a fountain of knowledge about your profession. Clients may need what you are offering but this doesn't necessarily mean that they understand it. Always be prepared to share your knowledge with those who hire you and help grow your company - after all, your profession should be your passion. Finally, one vital lesson we have learned is to stay hungry and stay foolish (Thank you Mr. Steve Jobs). We started Little Red Door as a means of escaping working for big faceless organisations who didn't value our expertise. Feeling undervalue and unappreciated is definitely a morale killer. Stay passionate about what you do. Stay hungry, but most of all, say foolish.

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