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Let me drive YOU



Tell us how #SBS has affected your business Since winning #SBS it has given me a lot more social media exposure and also the chance to network and meet other like minded people and of course Theo himself . The whole experience has been so motivational and everyday since has been spent moving the business into other areas and introducing people to the brand and service . With no help , family or guidance - let me drive YOU has been thankful of the opportunities #SBS has allowed . Watch this space - the aim is to be bigger than London's Addison Lee service !!! We are already better so book us to see for yourself .


Having had various retail roles and customer facing roles i wanted to use my skills i have gained throughout my working life and build up a totally different kind of transportation service along with looking after corporate clients and their guests who may visit from overseas on business. i offer Airport transfers and transport to all areas really , but another aspect of my role is to look after visitors and take them for lunch followed by a nice tour of landmarks such as Stonehenge or london sights as this is great hospitality for corporate guests who then will remember the great experience they received whilst on business .


Dont think about it ....Just DO it !!! i have found the best way to start any business is to look at what you have to offer people as a service or product and just get out into the world and ask ! if you dont ask you dont get , more importantly if you dont ask you will never know ! If you are trying to capture Theo's attention by being ac#SBS winner then NEVER give up - it took me 3 years of constant trying !

I'm at Arrivals Hall - T5 in Hounslow, Greater London https://t.co/zYpVs94Ory
I'm at Terminal 5 - @heathrowairport in Hounslow https://t.co/Eo5W0VRN6J
I'm at T5 Short Stay Car Park in Hounslow, Middlesex https://t.co/6T2sYIrQis
I'm at Terminal 2 - The Queen's Terminal - @heathrowairport in Hounslow https://t.co/IMGyaeJdae


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