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Acting the Party

Acting the Party



    Claire Hainstock


    21st August 2011


    Grantham, Lincolnshire


    Entertainment, Games, Children, Audio & Video, Gifts and Occasions, Women




"I think the biggest #sbs influence is yet to come as #sbs is still evolving and growing." I wrote this 3 years ago - wow, look at it now! Winning an #sbs award really boosts your confidence and helps you belief that what you're doing is real and on the right track. Theo once tweeted me when I felt low after not winning saying "perseverance is the key." Valuable words. So keep trying! Once I had won I couldn't believe how many good wish messages I received. I gained so many more followers, and still do. Each week, almost daily, my #sbs 'team' keep in touch and support each other whenever we can.


Acting the Party was thought up after one particularly stressful and costly birthday party we had for our daughter's eighth birthday. Each year they seemed to get bigger and more out of hand - the parties as well as the children! Acting the Party produces high quality audio dramas. Read by a professional actor or narrator with lots of atmospheric music and sound effects to get children up, acting and having lots of fun. Themed party games are woven into the fantasy story/play so, at times, the children can all play their favourite birthday games. It allows parents to have a party at home without worrying about the games or what to do between the games, making it far, far easier to organise. We have worked hard and have produced one party play for girls and one for boys. We are currently working on a unisex party and would soon like to work on a Christmas family special. UPDATE: We completed our 2012 goal - Family Christmas Party out now!! Read by Graham Seed (best known for playing Nigel Pargetter in The Archers) ANOTHER UPDATE: Completed our 2013 goal Fairy Party now available - narrated by the lovely Isy Suttie, star of Peep Show and Shameless. 2014 UPDATE: Won a Bronze Award from the BizzieBaby website after reiews of our 3 party packs - "Leela's Adventure got a 5 star review" Also won a Special Recognition Award from BFIIN and a Silver medal from The British Invention Show. For 2015 goal is to redesign our website and bring out that unisex party we promised two years ago! We are proud of our branding and what we have achieved so far, however, we are realistic and know success is not going to be achieved over night. As a new product it is difficult to gain customer trust as well as getting known – we have however, had fantastic feedback and now we need to spread the word. Our #sbs win will certainly help to do just that.


I have always been fortunate in all the jobs that I have done, but working for yourself has to be the biggest kick. I absolutely love what I do and feel strongly about it. This is important, because everything takes longer than you anticipate, and some days are frustrating and tough. Other than that, I would say check the legal side, make sure you have your IP sorted, talk to Trading Standards, but once it's done it's done, move on. Don't underestimate how difficult marketing your business or new product will be, but on the upside, you will meet some of the most amazing people along the way. Find your USP.



We have unique party entertainment to play at home. We currently have 3 children's parties :- A Fairy Party An Adventure...


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