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    Phil Shelton


    17th April 2011


    Forfar, Dundee, City of


    Home and Garden, Bathrooms & Kitchens, Accommodation




#SBS has given us the chance to meet other like minded people who are facing similer ups and downs associated to running a small to medium sized business, allowing us to talk to people and share both ideas and issues as we try to grow and get our foot in the door. Its been great that someone like Theo has started something like this, and where it has grown is a marvel, its been needed in this country for a long time now that the dawn of social media has given us this oppurtunity. We can't wait to see where this journey will take us, we really feel like we are not just a company but a pioneer's.


After starting work with my first job at 11, washing dishes in a restaurant, I always new that this is where I wanted to go. After training in the catering trade I moved into sales, where I think the only thing I haven't sold are replacement windows! I moved up the ladder and after a long career found myself working for a large retailer as a trouble shooting manager and realised that what I was doing for them, I actually should be using for my myself. After working in Scotland for a year running the whole area I met Caroline and we spent the next 18 months making plans and the rest is history. we made the leap, which was a massive leap of faith! (Leaving a very comfortable salaries). We opened our doors in August of 2010 and here we are. We have changed our business quite a lot since we opened with many different products being incorporated into our world including bathrooms and a full fitting service. In 2012 we had to close due to problems in the town but we have now like a Phoenix rising from the ashes we have now moved forward launching The Sliding Door Outlet offering sliding wardrobe doors and our new lead line bespoke glass splash backs usable in any room also glass worktops and any other glass items including company logos sand blasted onto glass. The options are limitless with over 4000 colors to choose from brick effect and any shape you require.


Never give up. Remember anyone can sell a sausage selling the sizzle is what counts. Dont listen to people who talk about you they will whether you do good or bad. Empathy is your best tool. Watch who you step on on the way up, you never know who you will meet on your way down. Dont miss what is going on around you by taking too much time on looking back or worrying about the future.


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