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    Clifford Dick & Laura Lee


    17th April 2016


    North Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire


    Business Services, Health, Consultants, Human Resource Training, Internet Services




We are currently looking to collaborate with other #SBS businesses for our weekly blog. We work with businesses on content for the blog based on their specialist industry knowledge and then we Health and Safety into the subject with great results. We put website link onto our website and often use the content for email marketing. Whether we're telling an interesting story, giving out helpful advice or simply sharing our combined knowledge, the alliances we make through our blog collaborations are always beneficial and effective. If you are interested in contributing then please get in touch and let's work together as members of the great #SBS family!


HiViz Safety is a simple, straight-forward, easy to use online system for SMEs to take control of their own Health, Safety, Employment Law, Disaster Recovery, Fleet H&S and Accident Reporting & Investigation needs. Based at our Head Office in North Lincolnshire, the HiViz Safety team have extensive practical knowledge, expertise and experience in industry, commerce, law, retail, education and training. Coming from a practical background we have worked extensively in a wide range of organisations in the UK and Europe developing lasting solutions for employers. Our Health and Safety consultants have been able to support a variety of clients ranging from SMEs to multinationals. Our Legal Team has experience within organisations and in consultancy. By providing straight-forward and practical advice we have helped clients implement effective programmes to help them successfully manage their Human Resources. Part of our success is our ability to effectively communicate and respond quickly to the needs of others. In keeping with this ethos we have a committed Social Media Department, collecting and sharing information with a wide audience. You can connect with ‘HiViz Jack’ in his many guises as he offers his informative and entertaining views on many subjects! Understandably most organisations do not have in-house expertise regarding Health & Safety, Employment Law, Disaster Recovery, Fleet Health & Safety and Accident Reporting. Our consultants have identified that these businesses need a solution that enables them to successfully carry out these tasks themselves and so the HiViz Safety online system was born. Together with our IT partners, we have a philosophy that the programme has to be easy to use, practical and effective with you and your business in mind at every stage of its development.


Having a robust Health and Safety regime is beneficial in so many ways. Not only does it prevent accidents, it also helps keep users legal, minimizes successful claims and protects profits. And the best bit is businesses can easily manage this process themselves cutting out the cost of external consultants. And after all, YOU are the expert when it comes to your business so who better to carry out these tasks?!

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