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    Andrew Hughes / Simon Alexander / Chris Yates


    13th December 2016


    Norwich, Norfolk


    Shopping, Hair and Beauty, Gifts and Occasions, Retailers




Agent Shave launched our online retail store in November 2016 & what a start we have had with an #SBS win! The support from fellow #SBS winners has been fantastic & we are thrilled to be part of this amazing network!


At Agent Shave we believe in making you feel the very best you can. In a fast moving world where image is essential a great grooming routine, utilising the very best products, is a must have for the gentleman of today. For those of you that don’t know us personally (And being Agents we don’t necessarily advertise our true identity) we are three motivated individuals who are already in business together, in a totally different industry , but who share a common interest in wet shaving – reluctantly in one case, but the dissenter is being dragged kicking and screaming into the fold! We then have Victoria who looks after social media - what a grand job to win #SBS after just the third attempt! We do not aim to stock as many brands as other providers, but to stock the very best. We continually search the world for the best shaving products, which include shaving soaps, creams, razors, brushes, blades and more. Our current focus is on finding the best artisan products, which we believe compliment the brand of Agent Shave and bringing them to our clients via our online retail shop.


Be social! Join in local social media networks. Most counties/cities usually have a #hour - find yours & join in the chat! Use forums! If your business relates to a skill, interest or hobby - find online forums, twitter chats & facebook groups, get involved!!! The people that use these sites are there because they have in interest, so therefore could potentially have in interest in your business. Do not however go all out advertising, show your knowledge!


10% off orders at www.agentshave.co.uk

10% off all orders at http://www.agentshave.co.uk Use code SBS10 at online checkout! There is no end date to this offer - Happy...


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