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The Urban Vintage Affair

The Urban Vintage Affair





    22nd July 2018




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I’m working a 9 to 5 and recently launch my own lifestyle brand I've been involved into the world of antiques since childhood and very much a believer of quality craftsmanship, and working towards a sustainable lifestyle especially concerning plastic waste and ethical processes. Like many of you in this group I am working towards entrepreneurship, I only started my journey a year ago because I knew that was something bigger waiting for me. So far I have been studying many course and attended eye opening and life changing seminars. I have a creative and business background I am keen to build a sustainable business and be open to new opportunities in the future. 30th November 2017 I launched my brand Now I have an amazing brand I am proud of with wonderful antiques I have personally hunted and sourced from amazing and not so amazing places. Selling, Silver, Paper mache trays, notebooks, ceramics, teapots, sugar cream sets, leather suitcases, decanters, scent bottles, vintage cutlery, samovars, jars and containers, decorative salvage, antique chairs Now I can start growing the sustainable urban collection which will be the unique spark that makes my brand stand out from antique sellers. My current motto is: #LookAtAntiquesDifferently Thanks for reading Tash


I would like to introduce to you all, my brand The Urban Vintage Affair. This lifestyle brand offers creative’s, a carefully selected collection of high quality antique, vintage and modern traditionally crafted products. So you can own unique and tangible investment pieces as inspiration in decorating and furnishing your home. All antique items sourced to give you the user, a new use in today’s twenty first century living. I also develop modern, traditionally crafted products involving our network of independent and off shore brands and suppliers. With a strong presence on social media, I have created this brand to communicate and highlight features in what happening in the modern world of design, art and antiques. We are not an antique store but a lifestyle brand offering so much more than any other antique retailer. Please feel free to check out and follow my brand, you will find all the social media links on the website www.theurbanvintageaffair.com Thanks Tash x


* People like a history or story behind a brand * People buy from people so have a personality not just a product or service * People spend money on solving problems, so tell them, how your product or service is the solution to a problem the didn't know they had.


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