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Home County Candle Co.

Home County Candle Co.



    Hannah Spinks & Oli Goundry


    30th September 2018


    Tring, Hertfordshire


    Home and Garden, Gifts and Occasions, Manufacture




OUR STORY The Home County Candle Co. is a luxury home fragrance brand founded by owners Hannah and Oli in 2018. Having grown up in Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire we now hand-pour our range of beautifully scented soy candles and reed diffusers from our home in Hertfordshire. Having hand-made candles for gifts for years, The Home County Candle Co. was born during one of our many walks alongside the Grand Union Canal discussing the places we grew up. OUR INSPIRATION We feel that each of the Home Counties that we have lived in, worked in and had the pleasure of visiting has it's own unique character, whilst maintaining the stature and essence of the Home Counties as a collective. We have therefore drawn upon our experiences and memories to create our unique scents, each inspired by the Home County it is named after. OUR MISSION At the Home County Candle Co. we are passionate about the abundance of outstanding natural beauty surrounding our home and workshop, which is why we are committed to producing sustainable products with minimal impact on the environment. Our candles are produced from natural soy wax, which is biodegradable, and vegan friendly. Our sustainable wooden wicks also not only look great but burn more slowly with a cleaner burn and more flame time. We are also so passionate about the Home Counties we live and work in that it is important to us to support as many local businesses as we can whilst manufacturing our candles. We therefore take great care to select suppliers from within the UK, and more specifically the Home Counties wherever possible.


HANNAH Having always worked in event sales - for a golf club (where I met Oli) and for an agency in London, in 2017 I wanted to leave the London life and so took a job closer to home in marketing/brand engagement. OLI With 10 years experience in leisure and golf sales, in 2017 I left everything I'd known to take a more corporate role selling standards and certifications. It was certainly a change and didn't feel like the right fit... Now engaged, and having worked together at the golf club as a great team, we always knew we wanted to run a business together, we just didn't have the idea! When backwards and forwards on the train to London every day we used to read books on 'how to start your own business' and 'build a business from your kitchen table' - we had all the theory but the idea hadn't clicked yet! We'd started looking into buying and selling as a way to make some extra money - and toyed with the idea of importing candles from Thailand, creating some nice packaging and adding a markup. We just felt though that we could do better ourselves! One evening we were joking around arguing about where was better, Bedfordshire (where Oli grew up) or Buckinghamshire (where I grew up). That night we couldn't sleep, we'd had the idea of creating products which were inspired by each of the 'Home Counties.' The very next day Oli lost his job we ordered a 'how to make your own candles' kit and spent the weekend perfecting our first range of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire candles! We didn't really take time to dwell on Oli bein out of work, and ever since then the business has totally and utterly consumer our lives, we love it and will never look back now!


- Be passionate! We'd have killed each other by now if we weren't passionate that what we're doing will all be worth it in the end. If we didn't love what we do we wouldn't be doing it, it would make the sleepless nights spent making candles in the kitchen literally impossible. - Use your gut! We've had to make tough decisions in our first year to turn down offers which seemed great in the short term but would have affected our brand in the long run. Stay true to your business and it'll all work out in the end (we hope!). - Work hard! Live and breathe your business, and bore people to death about it!


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