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    6th October 2019


    Derby, Derbyshire


    Society, Health




We are dedicated to changing lives locally and online through our workouts and community. Personal training and world class group exercise at its best in fun, friendly and inclusive boutique environment.


“I literally qualified at 18 years old with my initial teaching qualification and started to teach Aerobics & Step at a local Women’s Institute hall. It was really just for some pocket money while I still worked at Boots full time deciding whether I should go to Uni or not. My classes grew and I started to just love teaching people and inspiring girls & mums to get fit, I eventually landed a full time job at Fitness First which was due to open and soon became the talk of the town. It was here I developed a passion & love for fitness; I was lucky to travel the world with Fitness First, working in Hong Kong, Singapore, Asia and Australia. My career spread over 15 years and I became a successful National Fitness Manager but still managed to keep to my grass roots love of teaching and Personal training while over seeing clubs and Managers. Eventually I came home and needed some time out with family, within months I met my husband to be and very quickly we wanted to start our own family after getting married. After two beautiful children and being a lucky stay at home mum, I was beginning to get itchy feet, I knew going back into the Fitness Industry with a major commercial role was going to be extremely challenging with two young children and the thought of childcare wasn’t something I was keen on, especially since my memories are always having my mum at home when I was young. I took the huge and daunting step to start my own business, using my experience and my first love in teaching & Personal Training. It seems so strange that I have gone back full circle to what I was doing at 18/19yrs of age but it just seems so natural to me. Zestfit was born in 2010 and my feet literally haven’t touched the ground. I work around the children, I do all school runs and drop offs and ensure I am always around as much as I can at the weekends. The flexibility I have is the best, nothing like I would get at a global brand. It takes courage and conviction to believe in yourself and go ahead and do it – but I’m lucky I have the support around me to push my dream on. I won’t look back because I’m always looking forward to a brighter, better future. Being a mummy and a successful businesswoman. I now have achieved my dream by opening my own fitness boutique a unique place for females and males to feel safe, not intimated and motivated! It really is the Queen of gyms!


Surround yourself with passionate, positive people who understand your vision Take regular breaks so you come back fresher and more focused Learn to say NO Don't undersell your services Be brave to put your prices up Only focus on your own journey, no other business competitor matters


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