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    Susan Gardner


    19th January 2020


    Ashbourne, Derbyshire


    Business Services, Corporate, Health, Training, Women




My Wellbeing Philosophy - is my Passion and Purpose... Everyone has the right and potential to live a happy, healthy life. No-one needs to live with illness longer than necessary, there’s always a reason for the body to be expressing and demonstrating an imbalance. The key, is to master ‘tuning in’ to the body’s intellect, it’s innate wisdom and interpret messages, become aware of ‘self talk’ to nurture good feeling thoughts and find simple, practical ways to calm and soothe the mind. The aim, is to be ‘heart-centred’. Being ‘well’ is a choice; practicing and developing a mindful focus on living life with a zest for fun, kindness and compassion to enjoy a wonderfully balanced lifestyle filled with love and vitality. I specialise in two areas: (i) Prevention; helping women who are 'full on, flat out in the fast lane' to regularly take essential time-out for themselves with a specific focus in ongoing 'self-care' to relax, recharge and revitalise. (ii) Recovery; an experienced Chrysalis Effect Specialist and Wellbeing Coach providing guidance using a holistic approach and 'lifestyle medicine'. What makes me a little different, is that I combine a range of modalities into a personalised programme for the individual needs of each person. Overall, taking a holistic approach to targeting health challenges and providing a practical lifestyle solution for changing habits of a lifetime, to a lifetime of harmony, health and happiness. The MetaWellBeing Programme is something which I have developed for helping people to create positive change and transformation in a focused environment of loving support. Being in a beautiful and non-judgemental environment is massively important for feeling sufficiently confident to engage with the process and be willingly open. This was my reason for creating 1 : 1 ‘Gorgeous Retreat Getaways’ which are held in a lovely farmhouse located on the borders of Derbyshire and Staffordshire in the UK. Also, I run annual dedicated retreats in Barbados and Tuscany for small groups up to 12 maximum. In particular, I like to work with women who are ‘full on, flat out in the fast lane’ typical of the 21st century. The aim is to create balance in their fast paced lives with regular respite for introspection and contemplation. They are introduced to a range of ‘advanced thinking’ potentials for an up-scaling of their continued pursuit in the journey of ‘self-discovery and realisation’ to develop a smart style of living; creating healthy habits and mastering life’s ebb and flow.


Professional Background Overview: Hairdressing Salon Owner | Manager | Trainer 1976 - 1988 Financial Credit Information Services Technical Consultant | Sales | Marketing 1989 - 2001 Holistic Therapies Reiki Master Teacher | EFT | Reflexology (advanced) | IHM | Champissage | Hopi Ear Candles (advanced) | Seated Chair Massage | Acupressure | Phytobiophysics | Life Alignment Nutrition (food and herb supplements) 2000 - Present The Chrysalis Effect Specialist Practitioner Family Dynamics Wellbeing Coach | Trainer | Mentor 2009 - Present META-Health University MH Master Practitioner | Trainer | Speaker Lifestyle Prescriptions Specialist Practitioner ThermoBuzzer Practitioner (current - in training) 2010 - Present Corporate Experience: 2007 - Present Practical hands on and manage a team of self employed practitioners for specific wellness/wellbeing events. Providing the following onsite services; desk massage, acupressure, reflexology, indian head massage, Hopi ear candles and foot health podiatry/chiropody. Short stress management courses and conference keynote wellbeing speaker. Clients: Mars Petcare (Preferred Supplier/Contractor) Mars Food (Preferred Supplier/Contractor) Tamworth Borough Council South Staffs Water Halifax Bank Sandwell Homes Prospect Union Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science Central Science Laboratory Food Standards Agency Ordnance Survey Common Purpose ASLEF London Midland TUC Unionlearn tPDU Socius NLVM John Lewis Group Collingwood Lighting Hypercom EMEA Ltd DCI-Artform Staffordshire County Council


*Keep showing up *Stay focused on your 'why' *Prioritise your projects *Measure your performance; track your numbers *Delegate the areas that you don't enjoy *Take breaks throughout your working day *Network with integrity *Get outside daily for a good dose of fresh air *Eat well regularly; like a King at breakfast, like a Queen at lunchtime and like a Pauper ;-) at teatime *Go to bed before midnight


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