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One Aromatherapy Co

One Aromatherapy Co



    Jeanne Butcher


    28th March 2021


    Wokingham, Berkshire


    Shopping, Health




My vision for One Aromatherapy Co is to create an experience of wellbeing in each of my blends which has been specially created by the founder. Using the beauty of Aromatherapy and the art of blending I have been able to achieve this. I work with The Principles of Aromatherapy for Detoxing, Relaxing & Healing.


Many years ago on 5th Avenue in New York City was a luxury department store called Bonwit Teller (Trump purchased for $15 million, now an office complex). Bonwit Teller promoted young American designers and a young Christian Dior. My Aunt used to work in the ladies finer wear department and dress the affluent women in the city, the mayors wife, actresses…and the ladies in the Hamptons, Long Island. My Aunt had co workers in Perfumery. They would give her the most beautiful perfume samples such Joy Patou, Lauder, Dior. These samples she shared with me. I was 5 years old and wore the finest perfume. A typical tom boy but I loved fragrance. I never became a Perfumer, but I do have a high qualify bar when it comes to wearing Perfume. I have my Aunt to thank for that! When I was 19 I lived in San Diego, California and attended a business school. One of my colleagues was wearing the most amazing smell. She said is was called ‘Patchouli’. Off I went to buy some. Patchouli is a bit like marmite. You either love it or hate it. I think you may be surprised at the history of Patchouli essential oil, it’s quite interesting to know that many well-known perfumes includes Patchouli as an ingredient. Patchouli is one of 90 types of essential oils, each with its own unique aroma and potential health benefits. That is why I absolutely love Aromatherapy. There is a history, the oils affect us emotionally, mentally and for some of us spiritually. Each essential oil has their own unique chemical profile and this will stimulate a specific emotional response when used in inhalation and/or absorption. After moving countries and raising a family on my own, most of my time was working in the Corporate sector. For 14 years I worked for one of the most well-known and successful blue chip companies. I worked 24x7x365 it seemed, but I loved it. It challenged me and helped me to recognise my potential and capabilities. Finally I had the time to pursue and deepen my knowledge in Aromatherapy. I qualified and achieved a diploma in a Level 3 Blending Course with VTCT which provided me with the fundamental knowledge of the popular base oils, 45 Aromatherapy oils, their notes, uses and contradictions. I wanted to learn more. After 50 case studies, a Level 3 exam, I achieved my VTCT diploma in Aromatherapy during 2012. From here I opened a small holistic business in Wokingham which also offered Reflexology and Massage This gave me the opportunity to create bespoke Aromatherapy blends to help my clients with stress, sleep and anxiety issues. After a client consultation, I would then create a bespoke blend which proved successful. The feedback from my clients, friends and family to create my own blends to sell was such an encouragement. In 2017 I travelled to St Johns, Antiqua, letting my mind wonder...I thought about the idea of using a therapeutic medium such as high grade bath salts infused with base and essential oil blends. By using 3 different types of salts for the mineral benefits and creating blends that would represent a unique aromatic experience. I found it fascinating that each essential oil would stimulate a specific emotional response. I use the finest bath salts, work with the top oil suppliers. It is important to me to work with ethical companies that would support community growth and with a strong ethos on sustainability. March 2020, when Covid hit the UK, I had to close my holistic business. This time gave me the opportunity to start and grow One Aromatherapy. Each essential oil has it's own unique chemical composition and by combining the oils and the salts make a truly therapeutic experience.... the art of blending essential oils is amazing. I still work in IT during the day and run One Aromatherapy in every spare moment. It’s all about focus, passion and determination to be successful, to help others with their wellbeing and to feel good about themselves. I have great mentors in the world of Aromatherapy, past and present. My learning is always ongoing and I love to learn something new especially around the benefits of essential oils. Each product is handcrafted per order in our Home in Wokingham, Berkshire. Working with the principles of Aromatherapy, I feel these five product blends are the start of some wonderful aromatics to come. I hope you enjoy them. Thank you. Jeanne Owner & Founder of One Aromatherapy Co.


Work with a product that moves you, something that you know you are good at. Be of service to as many people as possible. They could be your next customer. Talk to everyone about it. Let them feel your passion. Make your brand stand out, educate your product/brand. Define your brand with honest intention.

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