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    Steven Daniels


    20th February 2011


    Frome, Somerset


    Industrial & Commercial, DIY do it yourself, Electrical, Outdoors, Building & Construction, Garages and Workshops




#SBS Best Quote ever as description of US ALL. Well its always seemed to fit my life anyway. "Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled." Harvard Business School Professor, Howard Stevenson. The Super Rope Cinch® started with this simple question: “Is there a way to secure rope without having to tie or untie a knot?” The Answer: “Yes, with the revolutionary, “Super Rope Cinch®!” The Super Rope Cinch® is a revolutionary new way to tie rope without tying or untying a knot. With a simple twist, the Super Rope Cinch® secures ropes. The Super Rope Cinch® has been independently tested holding 620 kgs on a 10mm nylon rope and can be tied and untied in less than 6 seconds with a simple twist. The Super Rope Cinch® is the most unique product in the world, allowing anyone to tie and untie rope with a simple twist. Use the Super Rope Cinch® for tying boats, tents, luggage, backpacks, snowboards, wakeboards, tools, and everything else you fasten with a rope. The Super Rope Cinch® is considered by many to be the safer consideration to using bungee cords.With Company Health and Saftey execs outlawing Bungees everyday, the future is looking good for a ready to roll replacement. http://superropecinch.co.uk


Hi, born in 1963, Family man with 2 fantastic daughters and my wife Ann. Take a look at my new business which is all about the What Knot which is the new name for Super Rope Cinch at the moment, but picking up new ideas for products to add once we get up and running with the What Knot / Super Rope Cinch. Take a look at http://superropecinch.co.uk


If your on a budget for advertising use as many forms of social media as you can. If you use Linkedin keep sending invites to people who may have an interest in what you have to offer. Faith in yourself and your product is key. I get a massive uplift after I speak to someone who has never seen the product before and then has that eureka moment. You hear the Dragons often say well of course your friends say its great. The Super Rope Cinch has complete strangers saying its great once they understand what it can do and the endless uses. You here of many ways that people come across the product or idea that made their fortunes. The idea or product wont ever make a fortune by itself. It's down to you. When the Super Rope Cinch becomes a household name People will ask me where or how I found it. I am always open to ideas coming to me from anything I read. I read a lot of varying and random stuff. Social media has put the sum of virtually all of the worlds intellectual assets, historical artefacts, written texts, Art of every form, Science, Biology, Space exploration, plus plus plus at every persons fingertips. I try to use it everyday. I found the Super Rope Cinch on LinkedIn. The Business media at your fingertips. But like everything its about using it.


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Our goals in life and in business.

This post is about me, my current business and future. And is Private to this group. I am opening up here and giving insights into me...

Trying very hard here to get support from fellow #SBS winners.

@SuperRopeCinchUK is seking some huge support from this great group that I have been a member of since Feb 2011.  Please take a minute and...

Foundations to grow from

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