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Amber Valley Wines

Amber Valley Wines



    Duncan Mercer & Barry Lewis


    17th February 2013


    Derby, Derbyshire


    Travel & Tourism, Wine




Amber Valley Wines, an English Wine vineyard in the East Midlands, are presenting a unique opportunity for members of the public. Launching at the Derbyshire Food & Drink Festival on the 18th and 19th of May 2013 at Elvaston Castle Country Park, this initiative means people will be able to own equity in this ambitious vineyard and winery project in the beautiful Amber Valley region of Derbyshire. It’s a first for an English vineyard. Amber Valley Wines has created 2000 shares – each one a unique opportunity for people to invest in one of England’s newest and brightest rising viticultural stars. It’s an exciting project with a long-term vision. Over two acres of vines have already planted, and a mosaic of more vineyards throughout the lush and verdant Amber Valley is set to follow in early 2014. Their first commercial crop will be harvested later that year. Duncan said, “This will give our investors an opportunity to help us shape Amber Valley Wines into a successful enterprising organisation into the future. It is already capturing lots of attention so it will be very much first come first served!“ Barry Lewis added, “We want to appeal to the wine buffs out there in opening up this opportunity to invest in our vineyards and our vision of creating a unique English vineyard region here in Derbyshire, with a unique local identity and wider appeal.”


In the ancient Derbyshire countryside, something radical and exciting is springing into life. Amber Valley Wines is new. Amber Valley Wines is unique. And Amber Valley Wines is the most exciting English Wine project to sprout forth from the ground and climb towards the sky. It’s the Heart of a Dream in the Heart of Derbyshire – and now that Dream is becoming a wonderful reality. In an area of breath-taking natural beauty, the elements, landscape and passionate hard work of the locals have combined to bring forth Amber Valley Wines. The Derbyshire climate – a magical meteorological mix of springtime warmth, consistent summer heat and long, drowsy autumns – is one that is ideal for the ripening of perfect, delicious grapes. As the first tendrils of the vine grow and curl their way upwards, you too can follow the growth of something truly special. Join us and taste for yourself the success of Amber Valley Wines as our grapes make the journey from vine to glass. You have a once in a lifetime opportunity to embrace, witness and be a part of our exciting future. We’d love for you to join us on that journey. You can join our \\\"Own Your Own Vineyard\\\" Share option or Adopt-A-Vine with us. The beauty, the majesty and the splendour of Derbyshire in a bottle. Amber Valley Wines - \\\"New Thinking for Finer Drinking\\\"


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