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    Chris Stimson


    2nd June 2013


    Huddersfield , West Yorkshire


    Home and Garden, Lighting, Electrical, Interior Design and Planning




We are incredibly proud that Theo Paphitis selected us as an SBS Winner, it's wonderful recognition for the hard work and passion the entire team have put into this business. Since winning the award we've had some world wide brands contact us about our products and we are working on some very exciting projects we hope to show off soon.


Welcome to well-lit– a company that makes buying the highest quality LED lamps for your home and business a simple task. My name is Chris Stimson and back in 2009 I launched UK LED retailer, EnergySavingLED. Previously, I spent years advising western companies about where to find quality LED manufacturers around the world, as well as negotiating contracts between them. This meant I was able to create a network with only the very best suppliers in the world, making contacts, and friends, who are in senior positions at these reputable organisations. Although I was working with a great network of LED experts, the process of selecting LEDs increasingly frustrated me as companies would buy their products on margin rather than quality. They ignored the products that actually did the job the best in favour of ones that could ‘do a job’ and deliver higher margins. One day it dawned on me that if I could find a way to bring the higher quality products straight to the UK market from the factory, I could sell them at a lower price than the cheaper products the bigger companies were buying and flooding the market with. That’s when EnergySavingLED was born. However, I quickly realised I couldn’t, and didn’t want to, pursue this ambition on my own. For example, I am terrible with accounting so I quickly persuaded my father to come on board as the Finance Director. I knew I needed to concentrate my time on developing the products and therefore needed a nice, friendly and intelligent person to handle customer service, so my next door neighbour Bujar came on board. It’s been a roller coaster of a ride since then. We’ve sold a lot of products, received a lot of excellent feedback, won a few awards (including one from Dragons’ Den star Theo Paphitis), plus we’ve made a few mistakes and learnt an awful lot. EnergySavingLED was purely a sales platform for the best LED products I could find. In 2014 I decided I wanted to take this further and realise a dream, by creating my own LED brand. So, on August 1st 2014 www.well-lit.co.uk was born.


- Do what you love. - Use a lot of common sense. - Be different, stand out, be remarkable. - Customer service is the best form of marketing you can ever do. - Do what your competitors can't or won't. For example our 365 day returns period. - Hire the best people you can and allow them to be creative. - Never stop trying to better yourself and your company. - You will make mistakes, it's how you react and learn from mistakes that counts.


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