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    Lawrence Conyers


    9th June 2013


    Heighington, County Durham


    Business Services, Audio & Video, Corporate, Marketing and Advertising, Video Production




After the initial elation of winning RT from Theo & the absolute flurry of activity that was our twitter feed, today I have really enjoyed the feeling of becoming part of the #SBS Club. Looking forward to connecting, interacting and supporting fellow members. Amazing!


I have an unusually wide experience in almost every area of creative production and performance, with a particular emphasis on writing and especially script-writing. Performing on stage and behind it countless times, in front of the camera and behind it, I understand what brings on an emotional reaction in the viewer - whatever I want it to be. The power of what I do lies in using the right words to bend minds, influence and persuade! Much of my early career was spent in larger corporate environments where I pioneered the use of media both client-facing and internally. That gave me a huge grounding in business. Combining this with message interpretation (performance) was inevitable. I love what I do immensely. Part of the beauty is the sheer variety of companies who, underneath, all have the same goal...to make their customers want them


Be brilliant! Give the potential customer an immediate reason to be interested in you. Average is not interesting. The customer, whoever they are, will always think "What is in it for ME?" Pretty websites, video, brochures, whatever...they are all very good but these are just tools which must contribute towards the purpose of generating business. You must effectively and constantly promote - which means networking...being recommended and referred. Invaluable. I am very glad I took the decision to start working ON my business, not IN it. There is no way I could handle my day-to-day admin and all the increased communication (thanks to #SBS!) without outsourcing. Learn to delegate and let go. You will enjoy greater focus and better productivity.

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