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    Allen Hume


    27th October 2013


    Antrim, County Antrim


    Business Services, Training, Computer Software, Retailers, Computer Networking




We have recently launched a new product, working with a partner called Hungrrr we can now provide customers with a personalised app for taking orders and a web store. www.dhbs.co.uk. Our new software InfiPOS is competitively priced to be a very cost-effective, user-friendly, quick setup and can be installed on any Windows operating system. Comes with cloud-based reporting, webshop enabled and full multistore chain capability. Options include stock control. multi store dashboard, online order facility, webstore for customer orders without using a 3rd party app, orders come from web direct to your EPoS, and your bank account, kitchen screen and so much more. Whether you operate a busy fish & chip shop or a fine dining restaurant, our InfiPOS system provides the tools needed to maximise revenue and deliver outstanding customer experiences. InfiPoS can change the way your business uses EPoS. In a bar / restaurant, your customers scan a QR code for your unique business webstore. Customers can then order and pay for their order from their seat. In a takeaway, customers can scan the QR code or download your Infi-POS webstore, place orders and pay direct to your EPoS system. #SBS winner 27 Oct 2013. EPoS Supplier providing Cost-Effective EPoS, ordering apps, web stores and digital signage. The activity on twitter and in business has been fantastic. Our twitter followers went from 100 to over 500 in the first month. Now we have over 2600 twitter followers and the recognition from people and businesses who otherwise wouldn't know we existed. We're in Northern Ireland, but everyone knows Theo Paphitis and it is a great ice breaker and starting point when introducing our fantastic products to customers. It creates a great talking point to new customers, it looks great on any promotional clothing and business cards, and we also include the #SBS logo on all our brochures and our new van too. The #sbsevent2013 and #sbsevent2015 were the most motivating and inspirational days I have been to. Theo Paphitis gave everyone there a buzz, a positive attitude to business and a goal. We're looking to be even better and bigger in the years to come too. We opened a new Accounts office in Comber N. Ireland to support our rental customers, and we have an Antrim office just outside Belfast for hosting training, programming, showroom and demonstrations to customers. We are now able to offer finance on our EPoS systems for leasing which again makes for a more cost effective solution for the customer. In 2019 we have partnerred with Paymentsense and Hungrrr to offer mobile apps to takeaways, catering and restaurants, as an alternative to Just Eat. With their own app they can intice customers with tailored pricing and offers for alot less £ and our systems are based with no commission. We now offer ICRTouch, Quorion, Sam4s, InfiPOS, YumaPOS and Hungrrr.


www.dhbs.co.uk Since 1986 DH Rentals (as it was called) have been providing cost effective cash register solutions to local businesses. In 2006 we introduced new hardware and software, Touch Screen EPoS systems and cashless transaction systems, a wider range of products including office laser printers and stationery and opened up a new customer market base for DH Business Services. We provide EPoS from ICRTouch, InfiPOS, Quorion, YumaPOS and evolve software. Specialties: providing a local business to support local businesses. We specialise in providing cost effective customisable EPoS solutions for any business. If you use a cash register, you are a potential customer. From Hospitality to Retail, Hotels to Bars, Salons to Off Sales and many more.... We provide a cost effective business EPoS solution to suit any budget and help you raise the profile of your business. Keep customers happy with a faster more efficient service & keep the end user happy as transactions are secure. Efficiency, cost effectiveness, reliability and customer support ensures repeat business. Systems from leading suppliers such as: ICRTouch, InfiPOS, YCR, Oxhoo, SAM4s, Quorion, POSBank, CAS, Digi and Metrologic. DH Business Services can supply Stand-Alone, fully networked, VPN systems for multisite franchised businesses, multi-site loyalty and ecommerce integrated EPoS systems. In 2014 we introduced paperless receipts and an iPhone app for reports to our ECRTouch systems. Scanning systems, Stock Control Solutions, Customer loyalty systems, cashless transaction systems and Weighing Scales, either stand alone or networked. In 2008 DH Business Services acquired premises beside Junction One Retail Park Antrim providing a purpose built showroom, store and training facility in Enkalon Business Park Antrim. The Comber & Antrim based company also supply cash registers, reconditioned touchscreen systems, tailor-made systems and now fully integrated e-commerce EPoS systems at a budget to suit any business on either a rent, buy or lease basis. Future goals are to expand. We aim to employ more staff in the coming years and open a new line of tablet based EPoS.


The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary. Work hard and remember the customer comes first. You cant buy happiness, but you can buy local & that's kinda the same thing!


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